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Report : Fedora Elazığ Release Event in Fırat University Complete !

Hello everyone !! 

City of Elazığ and Place I was standing for "Harput" 
We actually did our first 2 person Ambassadors event in Elazığ with my friend Murat. I must say It was great time to being in Elazığ. In the other hands I have to say thanks to Murat and his friends for they hospitality they're very welcoming and helpful. I want say thank you Emre Çağ and "Famük Team". They was all amazing and We did all the job have to as a team show Fedora in Elazığ.

We prepared "Famük" Posters and other preparation we have to do and also handled "food" for people who come to event. After all this preparation speaker started to "Welcome" and "Opening" in that time , me and Murat waiting our excited event to start eagerly.

Famük Team Leader "Emre Çağ" also come and make "Why are we here" and make little speech for Fedora too.

After the speech Emre leave to scene to Me and Murat then We started introduce ourself.
Next Murat start this topics and he showed to people ;

  • What's Fedora ?
  • 4-F Rules
    • Freedom
    • Friends
    • Feature
    • First
  • 10 Years with Fedora ?
    • Before
    • After
  • Fedora Next ?

He's business man :) Murat told to people " Fedora is...." We all the words you complete it :)

We getting warm and people still coming to and We growing up :) 

I also talked time to time each other like normal conversation as event as experience person. Because that was Murat's first talk and I helped to him in some point because I have more experience and background with "Fedora" as using. But Murat really did amazing job and did his talk perfectly.In background we have some "recorder" persons :). It was good. After basic of Fedora and Core rules we come to "Fedora.next" but didn't go deep because It was Release event most of people don't so we made most simple and general explanation to people for "Fedora Next" Because As We (Fedora team) know that's long time and need complete another slide and talk for it. 

 I also give small talk too before my talks with Murat because that's was a little bit long also very important too. In the end did our part and show "Fedora Next"and break time !! :)

We give a small 10 min break I also answered a lot of questions about Fedora and most of question about "How can I install" for that reason We made real "demo" for installing and show people how can we install Fedora and answer question about user interface and usability. After small break and that was all my part of the job.

My topic was ;

  • Fedora System Requirement
    • Minimum  Requirement
    • Optimum  Requirement
  • Fedora Desktop(s)
    • GNOME3
    • KDE
    • XFCE
    • LXDE
    • Cinnamon
  • Fedora Installing (Real Time Demo)
  • Fedora GNOME3 Interface
  • Fedora Software Center
    • I show how easy to install app for new Software Center
  • Fedora Next Release Snippet for Next Fedora GNOME3 UI and make people surprise (no one even know in the last time)
  • Fedora and Leap Motion Controller
    • What's Leap Motion Controller ?
    • System Requirement for Leap Motion Controller
    • How can we install ?
    • Leap Motion Control interfaces
      • Leap Control Panel
      • Recalibrate
      • Visualizer 
  • Leap Motion Flight Demo
  • Leap Motion Controller SDK
    • Programming Leap Motion in Fedora
    • Programming Languages
My Part was very long because I have more experience and more job to handle and showing the people. I didn't put very long slide because I know It's kinda a little bit can be boring and We all university people and teachers like "Real Demo" mostly so I decided to keep my talks on real demos and answer most of question people head "How can I install and use Fedora ?" and I started the demo with first. Our standard "Fedora Loading Bar" :)   

Fedora Install Demo
Fedora Installing... and partitioning...
Fedora Live CD "Welcome Screen"
After installation and first configuration I show the software center ,system settings and all other general usage of Fedora.
GNOME 3 User Interface
Showing Fedora Software Center
My little secret "Fedora Next Release" was there too and everyone also very very liked and asked about "kernel" ,"drivers" ,"UI" currently and I show the version and make explanation for all.

Fedora Next Release Snippet
Fedora UI Difference between our release and next release

Next topic was our fun and that was really fun "Leap Motion" !! :)

I wonder Murat is looking my screen or my hands :)) Anyway I started my topics on Leap Motion Controller then I show Visualizer on the very first testing and tons of people say looking really wondering eyes which that was awesome :)

Hey we have volunteer for flight. Okey we ready to take off 3,2,1 and go :))

He doing good :))
Yes we was flying :) not in room but in the Screen and He said "I can play with this all days" :)) Yes you can but you have buy it that sure my friend :) After we complete our event and topics we get questions and show some real part on my laptop and we working very deeply again ;)

I was coding in the event again I think I'm happy mostly in that position :) never ending coding :) 
And yes We actually made finished our event and of course that best photo I think ;

After our event we dismiss and we all hungry that's sure and only Fedora Ambassadors and Famük Member key persons (Leader and attendant ) 9 person we was and all the guy helped tons and we celebrate our success with ;

We all believe we did great job even some problems on custom border. But never say "no" we always go for them. We made really hard work on event and complete our journey in dinner. I hope all readers and Fedora team like it. I would like to say "Thank you 1 Trillion times" :) "Famük Members" for helping us to organization and I hope we see each other on next time on another event see you later :)

Thank you
Onuralp SEZER
Fedora Ambassadors Turkey

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