12 Ekim 2013 Cumartesi

Twitter App ‘Corebird’ installing to Fedora 20

Hello everyone ;

For a long time I was working on project and university and so on. Lately we have our holiday time and in that time I decide to write a articles and this will be a first one and others will gonna come I hope :)

Anyway let's start to install new "GTK-3" based Twitter app "Corebird" this application support fully support "GNOME 3" and working really nice and clean. Depends not so much because a lot of them already installed to system because of the "GNOME 3" Desktop If you already have it.

Corebird still not release but we can compile it and use it normally...

Package list we gonna need for compiling and also missing package not added to list, but still asking for "icons" building. So for requirement list;

This for full list in order to compile corebird but still asking for one more package and If you see that error ;

For this problem solution only we gonna need one more package ;

su -c 'yum install -y librsvg2-tools'

And we ready to compile corebird ;

git clone https://github.com/baedert/corebird.git
cd corebird
su -c 'make install' 

After compiling complete .

  * GNOME 3 Based menus
  * Lock Screen Notify Support
  * Twitter Only
  * Dark theme support on "Interface" menu

For more information ;
Source : http://corebird.baedert.org/

Thank you
Onuralp SEZER