28 Ekim 2013 Pazartesi

Fedora 20 Nvidia Optimus + CUDA 5.5 Installing

Hello Fedora People !! ;

Yesterday night finally after our crash and failing We succeed to install Nvidia CUDA driver in our Fedora 20 and also attach with optimus and only work when I active "optirun" with app and done.When I tell to method "how to" you can even use If you even single nvidia card just don't do optimus and use usual driver from "RPMFusion" and add to CUDA and It will work.

So let's start to install Nvidia CUDA to our Nvidia card.

If you wanna use Optimus + CUDA first things you gonna need is repository and also installing commands ;
Installing Packages in order to have Nvidia Optimus (a.k.a Bumblebee)

Then "reboot" for have running optimus.


Go to https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads website and download "Fedora 18" "RUN" files not "RPM" one because we gonna compile ourself and add to system in order to make it work.

Add Cuda Libraries in our system as a "$PATH" and test with "nvcc"

## Result ##

Another Test With Pyrit (Added CUDA add-on from source)

Another Looks From Blender and Activated CUDA  ;

I wanna say thank you to "Doğan ÇİĞNAKLI" for his effort and help and encourage me to do that. Because of him I found the "compiler solution" and Nvidia CUDA based application enviroment set-up.
He also using "Fedora 20" and GPU  Nvidia GT 740M GPU also working properly.

Every solution cannot be perfect but this is our solution I hope it will help to any readers who has "Intel/Nvidia" or Single Nvidia GPU card."

Source I used : 

Doğan's code parameters :) (-override compiler our best one ) Like a our "startx"

Thank you 
Onuralp SEZER
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15 Ekim 2013 Salı

GNOME 3.10 Login Sound problem / Fedora 20

Hello good people of Fedora :)  ;

That's was mine another usual day to use "Fedora" but I was trying to adding new "startup" application into to on boot loading but interestingly I was see "GNOME Login Sound" in the list and I decided to check on that and what I understand this not working properly. Because reason is "freedesktop" sound-theme has no login or logout sound even in the source so that kind of problem just cause time delaying on login maybe not so much If It's not working why It should be enable ? Probably not.

Well then let's change that sound login and logout theme in order to make it work on Fedora 20 :)

First let's see the problem what we have in GNOME 3.10 session properties.

As normal user ;

# gnome-session-properties

Little Hint ; If you like to use GNOME 3.10 and wanna see "GNOME session-properties" on shell when you search not writing by command or ALT+F2 and write command combination.

Goto the ; /usr/share/applications and open "gnome-session-properties.desktop" file wtih your editor as root and you will see ;
Option in file and we can change to make comment with "#" or change to value to "false" and you can see in your GNOME 3 application list or in search.

Okey so let's open the "Startup Applications Preferences" and we will find  "GNOME Login Sound" in the list ;

And When we click the edit button and copy the command from there and try in terminal ;

 Well... It's not what I was expected in the first place If no sound on login then this is normal result but not a good one :)

After my research what I understand is this sound not playing because there is no "desktop-login" sound in the "freedesktop" sound-theme package. I don't know why it's not included but I was have a lot of options

* Change sound-theme
* Copy from another sound-theme package
* Use custom sound file from my /home
* Disable and never use it, stay in silence <=(Not a option for me :) ) 

First let's check sound-theme and see what are we have;

Not such a big list and a little bit disappoint for me but this what we have and I think sound-themes must be refresh soon.

Also we gonna need "dconf-editor"  for change to sound theme.

For change process, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Sound#How_To
 When we change to sound and try to play with same command in above and that's works!

Another part If we change sound-theme and copy from another for login sound or something else ; sound-theme directory = /usr/share/sounds

I have warn you If you do something wrong or If you don't know how to do it and also you must be root don't try or at least If you mess-up "reinstall" package(s) and get thing make done.

After I read wiki I think GNOME or Fedora Sound SIG gonna create sound-theme for fedora and proper sound everyone. I'm not DJ or working on sound so much. I'd like to do something If something coming up for this.

That's all folk
Thank you
Onuralp SEZER
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12 Ekim 2013 Cumartesi

Twitter App ‘Corebird’ installing to Fedora 20

Hello everyone ;

For a long time I was working on project and university and so on. Lately we have our holiday time and in that time I decide to write a articles and this will be a first one and others will gonna come I hope :)

Anyway let's start to install new "GTK-3" based Twitter app "Corebird" this application support fully support "GNOME 3" and working really nice and clean. Depends not so much because a lot of them already installed to system because of the "GNOME 3" Desktop If you already have it.

Corebird still not release but we can compile it and use it normally...

Package list we gonna need for compiling and also missing package not added to list, but still asking for "icons" building. So for requirement list;

This for full list in order to compile corebird but still asking for one more package and If you see that error ;

For this problem solution only we gonna need one more package ;

su -c 'yum install -y librsvg2-tools'

And we ready to compile corebird ;

git clone https://github.com/baedert/corebird.git
cd corebird
su -c 'make install' 

After compiling complete .

  * GNOME 3 Based menus
  * Lock Screen Notify Support
  * Twitter Only
  * Dark theme support on "Interface" menu

For more information ;
Source : http://corebird.baedert.org/

Thank you
Onuralp SEZER