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Rhythmbox Cover Flow plugin on Fedora 19

Hello everyone ;

It very nice to be back my network and after all this 2 inter ships. well I feel more free and have time write blog and post more helpful guide to people :)

Okey I love the listen music or internet radio and special remix. But I also love visual effect and add-ons my default music player. If you feel same like me...then let's install them all :)

First things first we gonna need 2 github repo and req. packages before the install them all

yum install git gettext python-mako python-lxml python-mutagen python-requests

After package let's start the download git repos and install them all at once ;


git clone https://github.com/fossfreedom/coverart-search-providers.git
cd coverart-search-providers
sh ./install.sh

Covertart Browser Add-on

git clone https://github.com/fossfreedom/coverart-browser.git
cd coverart-browser
sh ./install.sh

After you install all this git-hub repo and install progress complete now we can active coverart browser on Rhytmbox and we gonna have shiny nice Cover Flow Art :)

On Rythmbox we need to active plugins on the list ( as you can see on picture ) and It will add "CoverArt" on left panel and when you click you will see your music on cover flow. It will come white background and you can change in from "Preferences" and done.

Thank you
Have Nice Music Listening :) 

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# Welcome The Springseed to Fedora 19 !! :)

Hello everyone ;

I just wanna use new note-taking application springseed on fedora but It's only looks like a support Ubuntu system. Well we should do something about that then. :) Let's hack a little bit on it :)

As everyone see we have note-taking app on Fedora 19. That's fine but how can we install app on Fedora 19 ?

Simply we gonna need package "alien" for converting to DEB to RPM for making usefull. That will be easy part of this process but still we hava one problem . Fedora didn't have "libudev.so.0" . But already has that library with just newer and different name.

 I have x64 system so I have go "/lib64" but If you have 32 bit system you can just go "/lib" and add soft link of "libudev.so.1.3.5" to "libudev.so.0" . Normally If you try to install package It will ask that package but we don't have that package in that name and have newer version. So we can't relies on 3rd part package or something like that. So we can just create soft link as a root and done .

ln -s libudev.so.1.3.5 libudev.so.0

Okey that will be easy task.

 Next ; Converting process for DEB package to RPM but we can also do directly extract to DEB package to our any folder. Then we did that. we gonna have "/opt/" and "/usr" folders. We gonna have to just copy the files and done. It will open and working note-taking app in Fedora 19 :)

RPM to DEB way ; 

alien --to-rpm --scripts springseed_1.0.2_amd64.deb
rpm2cpio springseed-1.0.2-2.x86_64.rpm | cpio -idmv
cp -r opt/ /
cp -r usr/ /

Extract DEB way ; 

dpkg-deb -x springseed_1.0.2_amd64.deb [DESTINATION PATH/DESTINATION FOLDER]
cp -r opt/ /
cp -r /usr /

(No bracket)

Thank you
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Power of fedora and opensource !!

Hello everyone ;

Couple of weeks ago I finished my first university inter-ship. Generally It was all about mechtronics engineering and so on. My profession much more on electronics and computers. But I have to know all of them (Machine,electronics,electrics,computer). My first day already started my best friend. That was fedora. I already installed Fedora latest version. If I didn't have intership ,  I was try on F20 but this time I said myself "I need working and stable system and hold yourself for F20 :) " My first days was all about raspberry-pi and working on LAMP server. I used fedora all times. When people come to office see my machine and with different UI first question always starting was "What are you using ?" My answer always gladly starting with "Fedora" and telling what's advantage of system and people gonna wonder more "If It's really can I install" I'm really happy to say this easily "yes you can install fedora any machine you want" You can try normal ARCH or secondary ARCH (ARM,ARM-64). That was very nice to have people asking for fedora I'm glad to my job as "Ambassador". After a few days later. I got "android" seminar I decided to join with my fedora. Everybody was using mostly "M$" and a few "OSX" but I got the fastest and I always open applications emulator and everything so easily and thanks to Fedora team I can install "eclipse" and all the stuff so fast and usage always in best. No java cpu eating no crashing everything was working perfectly. I honestly can say I opened 30+ apps and I don't but It should be really more. My days and reporting always working on Fedora and find solution always on fedora making apps and Server systems and everything was so easy to work on Fedora. Then after 10 days I started my another project , "ARDUINO !!" I got arduino. It was my first hand experience with arduino because I was have all the sensors I can imagine. Bluetooth modules, wifi modules,temperature,gas,humidity,wind,light,color etc. I tested them all I used them all without any programming problem on my Fedora. I just yum the package and I was have latest arduino and I added tons of library for sensors and I started the coding. I controlled the system over my fedora and my own android phone.  And I complete my inter-ship with full fedora system. Everybody push me to use something else but I never give-up my fedora I always stick on it. I trust "Fedora" and I complete with A+  :)

Lastly but not final I found very nice simulator program "fritzing" I never know we have on fedora repo but I'm too happy to we have it. I can test every arduino and stuff on it.

Thank you Fedora
Thank you Fedora Team
You're the best !! : )

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