16 Temmuz 2013 Salı

Let's Emulate Firefox OS with in Fedora in easy :)

Who wanna try to use FirefoxOS  ?

It can be me :) or you or anyone else. At least If we love to use Firefox and wishing to use phone or developing apps or just testing and  see what will added.

Okey then let's add a add-on developed by Firefox team and this add-on no restart needed one which very nice because you don't need to be passion for that :)

Web link ; 

 When you installed you should see ;

 When we open the add-on website we will see default Simulator ON/OFF window and allow to control our virtual phone in our menu

When we launch the Simulator we should see first opening logo and our virtual phone ready to use with very nice screen look.

 And We done. Now we can test our firefoxOS app in our Fedora 19 with Firefox.