21 Temmuz 2013 Pazar

Let's have conky-manager on Fedora 19 !!

Hello everyone :)

Let make it quick because I don't have much time to but for this let make it work :)

Requirement  :

Make sure you have RPMFusion repo in your system then don't say It's working or I can't find p7zip package good luck with it  :)

yum install conky lm_sensors hddtemp p7zip p7zip-plugins libgee06 bzr -y

after that in your user home folder or whatever place you want just download the bzr branch

bzr branch lp:~teejee2008/conky-manager/trunk

I prefer in my home folder and I create "conky" folder then I downloaded inside of it . Choice is yours.

After that I'm gonna make some changes on makefiles for that

Note : I prefer vim editor for it. 

cd ../trunk/src/
{YOUR EDITOR} makefile   

As you can see before change It point "DESTDIR" variable but where is "DESTDIR" even that are we gonna need that ? Of course not just remove DESTDIR also we don't need to create /usr/ /bin/ and /share folders because they already created in fedora. So just make it comment or remove it then remove that "DESTDIR" make look like picture in above.

After all this back to /trunk/ folder and as root



make install 

And done you just install conky-manager without compile because It's already compile it.

After all this is my desktop looks for now :) For gnome use you can just typing "conky manager" on search you will already see icon for conky-manager. I also tested on Openbox thanks to my friend Zoltan HOPPAR we also find in openbox menu

I think we are done :) Just add theme and use it , configure it , change it , improve it , and make it usable  for everyone for every laptop or dektop computer .

Thank you .. 
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16 Temmuz 2013 Salı

Let's Emulate Firefox OS with in Fedora in easy :)

Who wanna try to use FirefoxOS  ?

It can be me :) or you or anyone else. At least If we love to use Firefox and wishing to use phone or developing apps or just testing and  see what will added.

Okey then let's add a add-on developed by Firefox team and this add-on no restart needed one which very nice because you don't need to be passion for that :)

Web link ; 

 When you installed you should see ;

 When we open the add-on website we will see default Simulator ON/OFF window and allow to control our virtual phone in our menu

When we launch the Simulator we should see first opening logo and our virtual phone ready to use with very nice screen look.

 And We done. Now we can test our firefoxOS app in our Fedora 19 with Firefox.

14 Temmuz 2013 Pazar

Fedora 19 With Google-authenticator login

Hello  everyone ; Novadays I was thinking about how do I get more secure system on my Fedora 19. and one of the good thing about fedora It has always package we need it :)

For this article I'm gonna need google-authenticator package on my fedora. When you done with that . You will have extra security system on your system. But you also gonna need google-authenticator app on your smart phone .  So you let's start the install package configure to for our login.

# su -c 'yum install google-authenticator -y' 

After install this package we gonna need ,

# [your editor] /etc/pam.d/gdm-password

And this line to our "gdm-password" file ;

 And then save your file close it .

Lastly we gonna need to run "google-authenticator" command to set your user auth configuration between our phone and "google-authenticator" 

Then we done log out and let's see what happened ; 

 After enter our passsword on our login screen then we should see second passsword box on our login.

Yes we done it. Now we have google auth security as secondry password on our system. We can also this feature to our ssh login If we install google-authenticator package on our system.