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Fedora 20 ile "Sound Recorder" (Ses Kayıt) uygulaması kurulumu (Nasıl ? )

Merhabalar /Günaydınlar ; Fedora "FAD" etkinliğine gitmek üzere Sabiha Gökçen hava alanında beklemek gerçekten artık biraz sıkıcı olmaya başladı. Bütün burda kalacak değilim ancak bu demek değil ki program derlemekten geri kalmak zorunda kalayım :) Simit Sarayında otururken bir Fiş bulmak evet bu  gerçekten güzel bir duygu  tam sarj bir makina ile gidebilmek ve üstüne kodlama yapabilmek can sıkıntısına birebir geliyor.GNOME 3.12 Sürümü test aşamasında hala ve şuan sadece Fedora Rawhide sürümünde mevcut olacaktır. Şuan benim makinamda Fedora 20 Beta sürümü (Gerçi buna pek beta denmez çünkü çıkmasına sayılı günler kaldı ancak yinede biz resmiyet içinde kalmaya devam edelim :D  ) "Sound Recorder" Uygulaması yine GNOME 3.12 gelecek olan bir uygulamalardan bir tanesi ancak hala test aşamasında ve github deposuna açık olarak "beni kur diye çağrıda bulunuyor" :) Bundan sonrası sadece doğru kodları yazmak ve kurulumu başarılı bir şekilde tamamlamak olacaktır. :)

### KURULUM ###

$ git clone https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-sound-recorder/
$ su -
# yum install gnome-common gobject-introspection-devel yelp-tools itstool -y
# exit
$ ./autogen
$ make
$ su -
# make install 

Açıklama ($) normal kulanıcı , (#) root kullanıcısı

Bundan sonrası ise ; Programı açıyoruz ve sonuçlar karşımızda :)


AŞIRI ÖNEMLİ NOT !! : Birileri dinlemek için kullanmayın sonra sorumlusu olmak istemem doğrusu :))


Teşekkür Ederim.

Budapest Szeged - Szabad Software Conference 2013

First I must say It was really happened so quickly. I just working on leap motion then "Zoltan" told me, We have event in Szeged then I said "what can I do ? " and story begun. I was starting to working on leap motion more and more to make better control and give proper information on Fedora. I must also say It was really awesome event for all of us. We have such great time in Szeged.

Budapest city also very nice place a little bit traffic issue we see but no problem for that :)

We set-up our booth then , I was prepared my "The Motion Controller" and connect to Monitor for show people "Leap Motion Controller running on Fedora , thank to "Gergely Rákosi"  for Monitor , but still I have to fight him for a while :) But in the end he was also tried to play game I put the monitor :)

Well, He seems to be always very consecrate on games :)

Leap Motion Controller also very sensitive and really nice to play with and also show the people "what can we do in Fedora" Even Leap motion didn't give "Airspace store" support on Linux yet. But still we can do something on that device and make useful for all of us. Still one thing sure. When I give to talk on booth I was always sure on thing ;

I have Fedora support on my behind. I can do coding, I can get help, and I have friends to help me all the times. That's give me the courage to my job always on top.

On event time I gave information about Leap Motion Controller basics and my topics was ;

  • What is “The Leap Motion Controller” ? 
  • What can I do with it ? 
  • How can I use in Fedora ?
  • Installing Leap Motion Controller for Linux Package on Fedora 
  • Installing Leap Motion Controller SDK package for Development
  • Examples
  • Questions 
I also make presentation control with leap motion which is working very nice and pretty well :) 

You download and changed or make it something better all yours folks :) 

After Event talks Hungrary team give gift to in closing and I wanna also say thank you Hungrary team to help me for this event make possible , 1 Billion times :)  Thanks for Gergely Rákosi invite his house and his endless support , and also another 1 Trillion times :) Thanks Zoltan Hoppar for his support and keep Fedora booth running and also his "hacker" neckless on my neck :) 

After our event like Joerg said "After the Event we had a Fedora Community Dinner to celebrate the successfull day for the hungarian Fedora community." 

This worth for everything we did after all

Thank you Folks !!! Thank you for everything see you in next events  !!

Picture Source : http://jsimon.fedorapeople.org/events/2013/Szabad_Conf_2013/

28 Ekim 2013 Pazartesi

Fedora 20 Nvidia Optimus + CUDA 5.5 Installing

Hello Fedora People !! ;

Yesterday night finally after our crash and failing We succeed to install Nvidia CUDA driver in our Fedora 20 and also attach with optimus and only work when I active "optirun" with app and done.When I tell to method "how to" you can even use If you even single nvidia card just don't do optimus and use usual driver from "RPMFusion" and add to CUDA and It will work.

So let's start to install Nvidia CUDA to our Nvidia card.

If you wanna use Optimus + CUDA first things you gonna need is repository and also installing commands ;
Installing Packages in order to have Nvidia Optimus (a.k.a Bumblebee)

Then "reboot" for have running optimus.


Go to https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads website and download "Fedora 18" "RUN" files not "RPM" one because we gonna compile ourself and add to system in order to make it work.

Add Cuda Libraries in our system as a "$PATH" and test with "nvcc"

## Result ##

Another Test With Pyrit (Added CUDA add-on from source)

Another Looks From Blender and Activated CUDA  ;

I wanna say thank you to "Doğan ÇİĞNAKLI" for his effort and help and encourage me to do that. Because of him I found the "compiler solution" and Nvidia CUDA based application enviroment set-up.
He also using "Fedora 20" and GPU  Nvidia GT 740M GPU also working properly.

Every solution cannot be perfect but this is our solution I hope it will help to any readers who has "Intel/Nvidia" or Single Nvidia GPU card."

Source I used : 

Doğan's code parameters :) (-override compiler our best one ) Like a our "startx"

Thank you 
Onuralp SEZER
Fedora Ambassador 

15 Ekim 2013 Salı

GNOME 3.10 Login Sound problem / Fedora 20

Hello good people of Fedora :)  ;

That's was mine another usual day to use "Fedora" but I was trying to adding new "startup" application into to on boot loading but interestingly I was see "GNOME Login Sound" in the list and I decided to check on that and what I understand this not working properly. Because reason is "freedesktop" sound-theme has no login or logout sound even in the source so that kind of problem just cause time delaying on login maybe not so much If It's not working why It should be enable ? Probably not.

Well then let's change that sound login and logout theme in order to make it work on Fedora 20 :)

First let's see the problem what we have in GNOME 3.10 session properties.

As normal user ;

# gnome-session-properties

Little Hint ; If you like to use GNOME 3.10 and wanna see "GNOME session-properties" on shell when you search not writing by command or ALT+F2 and write command combination.

Goto the ; /usr/share/applications and open "gnome-session-properties.desktop" file wtih your editor as root and you will see ;
Option in file and we can change to make comment with "#" or change to value to "false" and you can see in your GNOME 3 application list or in search.

Okey so let's open the "Startup Applications Preferences" and we will find  "GNOME Login Sound" in the list ;

And When we click the edit button and copy the command from there and try in terminal ;

 Well... It's not what I was expected in the first place If no sound on login then this is normal result but not a good one :)

After my research what I understand is this sound not playing because there is no "desktop-login" sound in the "freedesktop" sound-theme package. I don't know why it's not included but I was have a lot of options

* Change sound-theme
* Copy from another sound-theme package
* Use custom sound file from my /home
* Disable and never use it, stay in silence <=(Not a option for me :) ) 

First let's check sound-theme and see what are we have;

Not such a big list and a little bit disappoint for me but this what we have and I think sound-themes must be refresh soon.

Also we gonna need "dconf-editor"  for change to sound theme.

For change process, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Sound#How_To
 When we change to sound and try to play with same command in above and that's works!

Another part If we change sound-theme and copy from another for login sound or something else ; sound-theme directory = /usr/share/sounds

I have warn you If you do something wrong or If you don't know how to do it and also you must be root don't try or at least If you mess-up "reinstall" package(s) and get thing make done.

After I read wiki I think GNOME or Fedora Sound SIG gonna create sound-theme for fedora and proper sound everyone. I'm not DJ or working on sound so much. I'd like to do something If something coming up for this.

That's all folk
Thank you
Onuralp SEZER
 Fedora Ambassador

12 Ekim 2013 Cumartesi

Twitter App ‘Corebird’ installing to Fedora 20

Hello everyone ;

For a long time I was working on project and university and so on. Lately we have our holiday time and in that time I decide to write a articles and this will be a first one and others will gonna come I hope :)

Anyway let's start to install new "GTK-3" based Twitter app "Corebird" this application support fully support "GNOME 3" and working really nice and clean. Depends not so much because a lot of them already installed to system because of the "GNOME 3" Desktop If you already have it.

Corebird still not release but we can compile it and use it normally...

Package list we gonna need for compiling and also missing package not added to list, but still asking for "icons" building. So for requirement list;

This for full list in order to compile corebird but still asking for one more package and If you see that error ;

For this problem solution only we gonna need one more package ;

su -c 'yum install -y librsvg2-tools'

And we ready to compile corebird ;

git clone https://github.com/baedert/corebird.git
cd corebird
su -c 'make install' 

After compiling complete .

  * GNOME 3 Based menus
  * Lock Screen Notify Support
  * Twitter Only
  * Dark theme support on "Interface" menu

For more information ;
Source : http://corebird.baedert.org/

Thank you
Onuralp SEZER

31 Ağustos 2013 Cumartesi

Rhythmbox Cover Flow plugin on Fedora 19

Hello everyone ;

It very nice to be back my network and after all this 2 inter ships. well I feel more free and have time write blog and post more helpful guide to people :)

Okey I love the listen music or internet radio and special remix. But I also love visual effect and add-ons my default music player. If you feel same like me...then let's install them all :)

First things first we gonna need 2 github repo and req. packages before the install them all

yum install git gettext python-mako python-lxml python-mutagen python-requests

After package let's start the download git repos and install them all at once ;


git clone https://github.com/fossfreedom/coverart-search-providers.git
cd coverart-search-providers
sh ./install.sh

Covertart Browser Add-on

git clone https://github.com/fossfreedom/coverart-browser.git
cd coverart-browser
sh ./install.sh

After you install all this git-hub repo and install progress complete now we can active coverart browser on Rhytmbox and we gonna have shiny nice Cover Flow Art :)

On Rythmbox we need to active plugins on the list ( as you can see on picture ) and It will add "CoverArt" on left panel and when you click you will see your music on cover flow. It will come white background and you can change in from "Preferences" and done.

Thank you
Have Nice Music Listening :) 

21 Ağustos 2013 Çarşamba

# Welcome The Springseed to Fedora 19 !! :)

Hello everyone ;

I just wanna use new note-taking application springseed on fedora but It's only looks like a support Ubuntu system. Well we should do something about that then. :) Let's hack a little bit on it :)

As everyone see we have note-taking app on Fedora 19. That's fine but how can we install app on Fedora 19 ?

Simply we gonna need package "alien" for converting to DEB to RPM for making usefull. That will be easy part of this process but still we hava one problem . Fedora didn't have "libudev.so.0" . But already has that library with just newer and different name.

 I have x64 system so I have go "/lib64" but If you have 32 bit system you can just go "/lib" and add soft link of "libudev.so.1.3.5" to "libudev.so.0" . Normally If you try to install package It will ask that package but we don't have that package in that name and have newer version. So we can't relies on 3rd part package or something like that. So we can just create soft link as a root and done .

ln -s libudev.so.1.3.5 libudev.so.0

Okey that will be easy task.

 Next ; Converting process for DEB package to RPM but we can also do directly extract to DEB package to our any folder. Then we did that. we gonna have "/opt/" and "/usr" folders. We gonna have to just copy the files and done. It will open and working note-taking app in Fedora 19 :)

RPM to DEB way ; 

alien --to-rpm --scripts springseed_1.0.2_amd64.deb
rpm2cpio springseed-1.0.2-2.x86_64.rpm | cpio -idmv
cp -r opt/ /
cp -r usr/ /

Extract DEB way ; 

dpkg-deb -x springseed_1.0.2_amd64.deb [DESTINATION PATH/DESTINATION FOLDER]
cp -r opt/ /
cp -r /usr /

(No bracket)

Thank you
Onuralp SEZER
Ambassadors EMEA Member

8 Ağustos 2013 Perşembe

Power of fedora and opensource !!

Hello everyone ;

Couple of weeks ago I finished my first university inter-ship. Generally It was all about mechtronics engineering and so on. My profession much more on electronics and computers. But I have to know all of them (Machine,electronics,electrics,computer). My first day already started my best friend. That was fedora. I already installed Fedora latest version. If I didn't have intership ,  I was try on F20 but this time I said myself "I need working and stable system and hold yourself for F20 :) " My first days was all about raspberry-pi and working on LAMP server. I used fedora all times. When people come to office see my machine and with different UI first question always starting was "What are you using ?" My answer always gladly starting with "Fedora" and telling what's advantage of system and people gonna wonder more "If It's really can I install" I'm really happy to say this easily "yes you can install fedora any machine you want" You can try normal ARCH or secondary ARCH (ARM,ARM-64). That was very nice to have people asking for fedora I'm glad to my job as "Ambassador". After a few days later. I got "android" seminar I decided to join with my fedora. Everybody was using mostly "M$" and a few "OSX" but I got the fastest and I always open applications emulator and everything so easily and thanks to Fedora team I can install "eclipse" and all the stuff so fast and usage always in best. No java cpu eating no crashing everything was working perfectly. I honestly can say I opened 30+ apps and I don't but It should be really more. My days and reporting always working on Fedora and find solution always on fedora making apps and Server systems and everything was so easy to work on Fedora. Then after 10 days I started my another project , "ARDUINO !!" I got arduino. It was my first hand experience with arduino because I was have all the sensors I can imagine. Bluetooth modules, wifi modules,temperature,gas,humidity,wind,light,color etc. I tested them all I used them all without any programming problem on my Fedora. I just yum the package and I was have latest arduino and I added tons of library for sensors and I started the coding. I controlled the system over my fedora and my own android phone.  And I complete my inter-ship with full fedora system. Everybody push me to use something else but I never give-up my fedora I always stick on it. I trust "Fedora" and I complete with A+  :)

Lastly but not final I found very nice simulator program "fritzing" I never know we have on fedora repo but I'm too happy to we have it. I can test every arduino and stuff on it.

Thank you Fedora
Thank you Fedora Team
You're the best !! : )

Onuralp SEZER
Fedora Ambassadors EMEA Member

21 Temmuz 2013 Pazar

Let's have conky-manager on Fedora 19 !!

Hello everyone :)

Let make it quick because I don't have much time to but for this let make it work :)

Requirement  :

Make sure you have RPMFusion repo in your system then don't say It's working or I can't find p7zip package good luck with it  :)

yum install conky lm_sensors hddtemp p7zip p7zip-plugins libgee06 bzr -y

after that in your user home folder or whatever place you want just download the bzr branch

bzr branch lp:~teejee2008/conky-manager/trunk

I prefer in my home folder and I create "conky" folder then I downloaded inside of it . Choice is yours.

After that I'm gonna make some changes on makefiles for that

Note : I prefer vim editor for it. 

cd ../trunk/src/
{YOUR EDITOR} makefile   

As you can see before change It point "DESTDIR" variable but where is "DESTDIR" even that are we gonna need that ? Of course not just remove DESTDIR also we don't need to create /usr/ /bin/ and /share folders because they already created in fedora. So just make it comment or remove it then remove that "DESTDIR" make look like picture in above.

After all this back to /trunk/ folder and as root



make install 

And done you just install conky-manager without compile because It's already compile it.

After all this is my desktop looks for now :) For gnome use you can just typing "conky manager" on search you will already see icon for conky-manager. I also tested on Openbox thanks to my friend Zoltan HOPPAR we also find in openbox menu

I think we are done :) Just add theme and use it , configure it , change it , improve it , and make it usable  for everyone for every laptop or dektop computer .

Thank you .. 
Onuralp SEZER
Fedora Ambassador EMEA Member
Crazy Fedora User on his place :)
Long Live Fedora !!!  

16 Temmuz 2013 Salı

Let's Emulate Firefox OS with in Fedora in easy :)

Who wanna try to use FirefoxOS  ?

It can be me :) or you or anyone else. At least If we love to use Firefox and wishing to use phone or developing apps or just testing and  see what will added.

Okey then let's add a add-on developed by Firefox team and this add-on no restart needed one which very nice because you don't need to be passion for that :)

Web link ; 

 When you installed you should see ;

 When we open the add-on website we will see default Simulator ON/OFF window and allow to control our virtual phone in our menu

When we launch the Simulator we should see first opening logo and our virtual phone ready to use with very nice screen look.

 And We done. Now we can test our firefoxOS app in our Fedora 19 with Firefox.

14 Temmuz 2013 Pazar

Fedora 19 With Google-authenticator login

Hello  everyone ; Novadays I was thinking about how do I get more secure system on my Fedora 19. and one of the good thing about fedora It has always package we need it :)

For this article I'm gonna need google-authenticator package on my fedora. When you done with that . You will have extra security system on your system. But you also gonna need google-authenticator app on your smart phone .  So you let's start the install package configure to for our login.

# su -c 'yum install google-authenticator -y' 

After install this package we gonna need ,

# [your editor] /etc/pam.d/gdm-password

And this line to our "gdm-password" file ;

 And then save your file close it .

Lastly we gonna need to run "google-authenticator" command to set your user auth configuration between our phone and "google-authenticator" 

Then we done log out and let's see what happened ; 

 After enter our passsword on our login screen then we should see second passsword box on our login.

Yes we done it. Now we have google auth security as secondry password on our system. We can also this feature to our ssh login If we install google-authenticator package on our system.

5 Haziran 2013 Çarşamba

Fedora 19 XFCE + Compiz

Recently I decided to make it effective XFCE desktop so and on XFCE Desktop If we wanna activate compiz and emerald effects. That's easy now.

su-c 'yum install -y compiz-xfce libcompizconfig emerald-themes-* ccsm compiz-plugins-main compiz-plugins-extra compiz-manager fusion-icon'


sudo yum install -y compiz-xfce libcompizconfig emerald-themes-* ccsm compiz-plugin-main compiz-plugins-extra compiz-manager fusion-icon

And Open "XFCE" menu > Accessories  > Compiz XFCE Emerald

And vala !!! you have Emerald + Compiz with all plugins

Have nice Day and good Fedora use !! :)

The Cat's is alive in here !!!

3 Haziran 2013 Pazartesi

Fedora Power Tweak Suggestion (For Intel based CPU)

Hello everyone ; Recently I noticed some of laptops has power consumption problem. That cause short time usage , run out so quickly and we gonna do something about that. Last weekend I got DELL INSPIRON N5110 laptop on my hand. And this laptop has only 1 hour can stand without tweak on Fedora 19 XFCE.
Yes that's a problem.So here what I did;

First thing we gonna do is , installing "powertop" . That handy app show our batter power consumption and on "Tunable" menu we can see how can we tune our laptop for make it long battery life. When I saw the tunable list It was all "bad" and that's mean we gonna tune every part of it. Another problem is this laptop has no "cpufreq-userspace" controller so what's mean It's always working on "performance" mode. So I can't set to "ondemand" mode but . most of laptops has all this feature. We don't have to worry about too much.


First tweak gonna be our "intel sound" card tweak. If you have Intel based sound system. So you can use it.

Well first I should say this ;  on Fedora 19  "modprobe.d" directory moved to "/usr/lib" and on Fedora 18 still on the old place. So If you're using F19 please consider that.

On modprobe.d directory We gonna create a "audio_power_save.conf" file and add this line ;

options snd_hda_intel power_save=1

That's give to our intel sound card will work in power_save mode.

Bluetooth(yum install rfkill -y)

If your laptop has bluetooth(which is most of laptop has it) We need to turn off on booting so If we gonna need bluetooth we can turn on manually or directly we close as hardware button If you have but I'm gonna use "software block" so here is rules;

cd /etc/udev/rules.d/ 

create a file ;

touch bt.rules

use your editor and add this line 

SUBSYSTEM=="rfkill", ATTR{type}=="bluetooth", ATTR{state}="0"

Disabling NMI watchdog

The NMI watchdog is a debugging feature to catch hardware hangs and cause a kernel panic. On some systems it can generate a lot of interrupts, causing a noticeable increase in power usage.
For closing this  we need to create another conf file so ; 

cd /etc/sysctl.d/
touch disable_watchdog.conf

kernel.nmi_watchdog = 0

Disabling Wake-on-LAN

 cd /etc/udev/rules.d/
touch disable_wol.rules

ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="eth*" RUN+="/usr/bin/ethtool -s %k wol d"

PCI Runtime Power Management

cd /etc/udev/rules.d/
touch pci_pm.rules

ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="pci", ATTR{power/control}="auto"

Writeback Time

cd /etc/sysctl.d/
touch dirty_writeback.conf

vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs = 1500

SATA Active Link Power Management

cd /etc/udev/rules.d/
touch hd_power_save.rules

SUBSYSTEM=="scsi_host", KERNEL=="host*", ATTR{link_power_management_policy}="min_power"

USB Autosuspend

cd /etc/udev/rules.d/
touch usb_power_save.rules
ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", TEST=="power/control" ATTR{power/control}="auto"
ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", TEST=="power/autosuspend" ATTR{power/autosuspend}="2"

After all this, you can reboot your computer and open powertop see how "good" it is :) After all thing I done for the laptop I have It was only stand 1 hour to 4 hour 30 minutes in idle without suspend or hibernate and brightness level also low. 

Other suggestion I can say ; 
  1. Don't over charge your battery
  2. If Laptop stand in one place too long you can remove your battery and use from adapter. 
  3. If you're not gonna remove your battery unplug from fuse and let it empty and re-charge it. 
  4. Follow the battery instruction If It's come from your laptop manufacturer.
  5. If you have a suggestion please comment it. 
  6. Use Fedora 19 :)) 
  7. Thank you for reading have good day :)

11 Nisan 2013 Perşembe

Fedora 19 Önerileri

Fedora 19 işletim sistemi geliştirilmeye devam ederken Fedora 19 çıktığında bazı dosyaları yerinde bulamayabiliriz.Bunun yanında bazı bildiğimiz komutlarda da yeni parametreler ile yeni özellikler kazanmış olabilir.

Dmesg Komutu 

Dmesg komutunu bir çok linux kullanıcısı "kernel" içinde olan bitenleri görmek için kullanır. Ancak sadece bir defalık bir çıktı olduğundan sürekli değildir. Ancak kernel 3.5+ üstü sürümlerle birlikte ve Fedora 18'den beride aktif olan "-w" parametresi ile artık gerçek zamanlı olarak takip yapabilcez

Komut : dmesg -w 

/etc/modprobe.d/  dizini

Bu dizin içinde engellediğimiz sürücüler bulunur.Ayrıca tecrübeli linux kullanıcıları veya en basit "nvidia" , "atı" ekran kartı sürücüleri kurmak isterken açık kaynak kodlu sürücüleri blocke etmek isteriz. Bunun en basit nedeni çakışmayı önlemektir. Ancak Fedora 19 ile beraber artık bu dizin yeni bir yere taşınmıştır.

Modprobe.d dizini yeni adresi :  /usr/lib/modprobe.d

Bunlar şimdiik gözüme çarpan ilk değişikliklerden sadece bir kaç tanesi ancak bundan sonra neler olacak veya işletim sistemi içerisinde neler olacak zamanla hep beraber göreceğiz. Herkese  fedora kullanımlar dilerim.

Teşekkür Ederim
Onuralp SEZER
Fedora Ambassador EMEA

31 Mart 2013 Pazar

Fedora 19 Alpha TC3 ve Sadık Masaüstü Gnome 3.8 ile Yine Yollardayız.

Fedora 19 (Kod ismi : Schrödinger'in Kedisi)  Alpha TC3 daha geçen gün çıktı. Ancak tek güzellikde bu olmasın :) Sonuçta onunla birlikte gelecek olan Gnome 3.8 masaüstü de ayrı bir yenilik olacak bizim için tekrardan. Ancak tek güzellik bu olmasın dedik.

Fedora 19 hala Alpha aşamasında ve altını çiziyorum. Ciddi anaconda hataları mevcuttur. Yükleme yapacak arkadaşların bilgisayarında yedek almaları şiddetle tavsiye edilir. Zaten tecrübeli arkadaşlar bunu gayet ne şekilde iyi biliyordur.

Gnome3.8 Masaüstünde gelene özelliklerin bazılarını Fedora 19 üzerinde henüz göremeyebilirsiniz. Ancak bu özellikler eklenmedi anlamına gelmesin sadece derleme yapılması veya sizin kendiniz yüklemeniz gerekmektedir.

İşte Yeni Fedora 19 ve Gnome 3.8 !

Fedora 19 temiz masaüstü görüntüsü ise bizimle tekrar ve arka plan çizilirken şahsen renk konusunda bir karara varımamış sanırım çünkü TC1 sürümünde koyuluk daha hakimdi :) Dizayn edilmeye ediliyor :)

Genel itibari ile Gnome 3.8 sisteminde yeni bir uygulama listesi ve "gizlilik" menüsü ile Gnome 3.8 Fedora 19 ile güzel ve vaad edici özellikler sunuyor.

  • Yeni görünümlü uygulamalar menüsü
    • Uygulamalar menüsü yeni arama seçenekleri sonuçları
  • Gizlilik Menüsü
  • Daha fazla "online" çevirimiçi üyelikler eklemek
  • Anaconda Yükleme Arayüzü
  • Arama ayarları
  • Güç seçenekleri
  • Dökümanlar uygulaması ile yeni bir "nasıl kullanırız klavuzu
  • Dökümanlar uygulaması ile Google Dökümanlar üzerinde direk olarak değişiklik yapabilme özelliği

Google üzerinde getirelen özellikler özellikle google kullanan arkadaşlar için ki bunlardan birisi olarakda kullanım açısında daha kolay olacağından dolayı sevinçliyim. Ancak hala istediğim özelliklerden biriside bu dökümanların "Dropbox" gibi "Libre Office" formatlarında indirilme seçeneği sunulması kesinlikle çok güzel bir + artı olabilir. Bunun içinde sadece bir buton veya seçenek olarak eklenmesi yeterli olacaktır. Çünkü zaten google dökümanlar üzerinde bu seçeneğe sahip olabiliyoruz.

  • Yeni Ayarlar paneli gelmesi ile beraber artık sol tarafta olan uygulamalar kategorileri kalkmış yerine "android" veya "IOS" tarzından tanıdık gelen bir gruplandırma seçeneği ile sunulmuştur.

Gizlilik Paneli

Bölge ve Diller
  • Bölge ve Dil seçenekleri yine yeni tasarımı ile ve daha kolay bir ayarlanabilirlik sunması gerçekten güzel bir özelliktir. Tabi daha sonrasında yeniden başlatma seçeneği sunarak da işlemin tamamlanmasını sağlıyor.
  • Bildirimler özelliği yine gerçektek fonksiyonel bir özellik olmakla birlikte görmesini istemediğimiz eğer ki bildirimler varsa kapatmak veya hepsini de kapatilmek  veya açma özellikleri ile gelmiştir.

Arama Paneli
  • Gnome'in arama panelinde çıkan sonuçları daha geniş istersek veya arama indeksine daha fazla dosyanın indekslenmesini isteyebiliriz. Yada olmasını istemediğimiz özellikleri kapatabiliri.

  • Dosya paylaşımıda yine Gnome 3.8 ile nasibini alacak yeniklere sahip olarak daha kolay bir dosya paylaşımı deneyimini sunuyor.
    • Bilgisayar ismini atamak
    • Paylaşım olacak dosya veya yolu belirlemek
    • Paylaşımlı sistemlere bağlanabilmek

  •  Ağ yöneticisi yine "History" ve yine daha kararlı bir hale getirilmiş olmalı ki artık Fedora 18'deki kesilme problemlerini sahip olduğum kablosuz ağ kartından dolayı yaşamıyorum :) Tabi bunun kernel sürümü çekirdek ilede alakası yüksek anlamda olacaktır.

  • "Online Accounts" kısmında göze çarpan olarak "own cloud" desteği gelmesi ile beraber kendi bulut sisteminizi ekleme olanığı sunulmuştur. 
  • Profesiyonel anlamda işlevsel bir özellik olarakda görülebilir.

Güç Seçenekleri

  • Güç seçeneklerinde gelen özellikler içeresinde kesinlikle eksiklik olarak gördüğüm özelliklerden hepsi giderilmiş ve bunlardan bir kaçını saymak istersek ;
    • Batarya kritik seviyede iken yapılacak işlemleri atamak
    • Batarya düşük seviyede iken yapılacak işlemleri atamak
    • Batarya'da veya prizde iken ışık ayarları yapılması
    • Bilgisayar boşta iken yapılacak olan işlemleri atamak
      • Ekran kararması veya uyuma süresi

Bunların devamında "Dökümanlar" için yazılmış yeni makalenin ön kapak görüntüsü ve devamında tabi nasıl kullanırız kılavuzu güzel hazırlanmış olarak karşımızda durmaktadır.

İşte Fedora'dan kareler bu şekidle devam ediyor. Sonrası için takipte kalmaya devam edin.

Teşekkür Ederim
Onuralp SEZER
Fedora Ambassador EMEA Turkey