18 Kasım 2012 Pazar

Fedora 18 Kernel+Nvidia after update fix.

Hi Fedorans;

1.5 week ago,  I was working on some of my friends laptop for installing nvidia optimus (aka bumbleebe) on his Fedora TC7 fresh install machine. Well after that his update system. I changed my system for Disk crypt and also see new F18 TC8. For me installing nvidia was easy because I already know new lib paths and also fresh instal easier then updating Nvidia 304.xx to latest version of nvidia. Normally ; If you update everything even kernel and other things except nvidia, everything is works fine but when nvidia update come, first things first

  • We should check new nvidia libs and paths
  • Check X11/ and modprobe.d/ directories for open source driver block and xorg.conf  file exists.
  • Check /etc/ld.so.conf.d  directory for nvidia-libs.conf ( It can be x64 so depends your ARCH can be change ) If exists we should delete and do "ldconfig" as root
  • Re-install bumbleebe and restart service and configure conf ifles and services files.
  • Re-install "mesa-libGL" packages for intel because nvidia change lib and intel can't understand so we need get back our original libGL libs
  • Re-install new akmod-nvidia and delete all old version akmod-nvidia (aka kmod-nvidia too)
  • You can see this error If you do optirun command like a " 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 11a0 (rev ff) can't be control " or such a like that  ( I forget the get error to paste sorry If I see again I will change here) 
This error in above can be handle with just "reboot" and Intel + Nvidia will gonna work.

This suggestions was come from my experince and I really did all of it for make it work after update new version of nvidia without fresh system install to my friend laptop and he's working really nicely on this laptop says "Thank you" to me :)

Thank you