27 Aralık 2011 Salı

Fedora 16 Release Party Event in Tokat / Report

Today finally, Fedora 16 Release Party has been done successfully in Tokat.

Fedora 16 Release Party– Turkey, Tokat

When and Where

Dec 27, 2011
10-12 AM, Turkey time,
See Tokat “Gaziosmanpasa University”

Organizers / Team

Onuralp SEZER, and friends.

  • Talking about Fedora 16. Feedback was curious about the Fedora 16
  • GNOME 3.2.1
  • KDE 4.6
  • systemd
  • power management improvements
  • Recent fixed bugs and improvements
  • Open Discussion 


Over 50 people

The first, Tokat ;

The first release party in Tokat was started at 10:00 AM on Tueasday, Dec 27th, 2011. We organized F16 release party as apart of the Tokat. We invited a lot of people for attending to our event.

My presentation with topic “Fedora Project and Fedora Community in Tokat and Turkey” paid attention a lot to participants. After that,I started to my presentation. I demonstrated the Fedora 16 new features with GNOME 3,KDE 4.7, Dynamic Firewall, systemd,power-management,multimedia and Recent fixed bugs and improvements. A lot of questions were asked around who-we-are, what-we-do, how-we-can-contribute ,how-we-can-install-and-use-fedora , how-can-we-protect-from-virus, etc. Over an hour, lately, people understood our mission, vision, our four foundations: freedom, friends, features and first and a lot of things about our project and community.After this presentation,I showed to KDE 4.7 Desktop and I demonstrated to installing Fedora and set-up first time using.Other questions some of is about Fedora security, difference with Apple and Windows etc.During the event,I always keep paid attention and Our University Head of department of Computing was there too.Head of Department of computing was asking about Server System, Cluster, Web Server, And Cloud.After Presentation and demonstration She was really impressed to Our Fedora Event .After demonstration I give away almost all DVD's and sticker. In First I have 70 DVDs 50 Stickers, after event I have 10 stickers and 4 64-bits DVDs.

After all , We went to our prepared desk for ate to our cakes,biscuits and coke soda pop,fruit juice and more.Once and for all we get photos and ending our event and I said "thank for all to coming".

Event Photos is here ;

Thank You
Onuralp SEZER
Fedora Ambassador Turkey